One-Time Treatment

Your first treatment with us is your initial service. Our technicians will have a general consultation with you, as to what general problems you might be encountering. Initial service will include treatment of all baseboards, closets, garages, and outdoor perimeter of your house. In addition, treatment of your attic or crawl space might be needed. Our treatment covers most household insects, infestation may require additional treatments.

Quarterly Treatment

Quarterly service is what we always recommend to our customers. Maintaining a general pest control treatment throughout the year is always good practice. This service is our initial treatment completed every 3 months. Our technicians will schedule a quarterly appointment with you or one of our staff members will call you in 3 months to get an appointment. It’s what work best for our customers.

Monthly Treatment

Our Monthly Service is our initial treatment completed on a monthly schedule.

Monthly Exterior Treatment

$49 Monthly*

*with Credit Card on file.

Exclusion Service

Pest exclusion is a preventive service that involves sealing up all gaps and voids where pest are likely to enter. We provide assurance that rodents and insects will no longer have open access to your entryways and voids of your house. This service is the attempt to seal your home from outside pests and keep the inside basically pest free.

Yard Treatment

Helps prevent and eliminates fleas, ticks, and spiders from invading your yard. We will tailor your needs, depending on what issues you are currently experiencing.